John M.

I have suffered from the hives since 2014...

In the summer of 2017 I began my sessions with Alfred…During our counseling sessions it was determined that stress and anxiety were the potential root causes… After just 1 session I noticed I did not have as much itching…After my last session with Alfred I was able to overcome itching…I’ve become a believer in hypnosis and what it can do…I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Being a smoker for 15+ years I tried to quit smoking multiple times with no success

After one session I was smoke free…Thank you, Alfred…Of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life quitting smoking was the hardest but somehow became the easiest.

Chris M.

Denise W.

I had suffered with very serious insomnia for many years. 

At times, I would sleep less than two hours per night for several days at a time… After my first session, I slept a full night and woke up feeling very rested… I no longer feel any anxiety over not being able to sleep… I’m very thankful for what hypnosis has accomplished for my insomnia.  I would highly recommend hypnosis for anyone looking for help with a sleeping problem.

Alfred was very personable, consistent, kind and healing

I was able to feel a difference in 3 sessions and the benefits are ongoing. What was greatly helpful, that I so appreciated, was getting the audio CD…to reinforce what we had done in the sessions…This is helping make confidence an internal part of me.  Thank you!

Aurelie C.