About the Miramontes Life Center

Alfred R Miramontes, PhD

Founder & Owner | Master of Arts degree & Honorary Doctorate in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy | St. John’s University

Alfred started the Miramontes Life Center to help people use their subconscious abilities and strength to resolve any mental, psychological, and physical problems they may have with the use of Hypnotherapy. And to do this, Alfred creates a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment for therapy. He makes it a priority of being totally present for his clients, not in their past or future. Alfred also creates unconditional regard for them as a person. Not their story or circumstance.

Alfred is also an associate member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

The Beginning

Prior to Alfred’s Hypnotherapy career, Alfred worked in the international engineering and construction industry and has had the privilege of working long term in 7 foreign countries and in all regions of the United States.  From his travels he has learned and understood that all people are emotionally impacted by their environment which can lead to psychological, mental, and physical health challenges.  Having this knowledge and being introduced to Clinical Hypnotherapy has led Alfred to this healing profession to help people completely and permanently resolve the root or real cause of a problem.

The Journey

Alfred’s journey began when he was introduced to Clinical Hypnotherapy by Dr. Pamela Winkler (President of St. John’s University, Murrieta, CA) and the concept of learning about the power of the subconscious mind. This led his increased interest as to how Hypnotherapy is a viable option for those who choose to use this as a healing modality for physical, mental, and psychological challenges in their lives.

St. John's University

Alfred enrolled in the Clinical Hypnotherapy program at St. John’s University where he developed a high degree of interest in how an individual can heal themselves by using the power of their subconscious mind in a positive and constructive way.

Alfred earned his Master of Arts degree and was granted an Honorary Doctorate in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He was also a contributing member of the St. John’s University Press proof reading team, which reviewed the book Mind Medicine: The 40 Most Unusual Cases Out of 40,000 with Hypnosis, written by Drs. Art and Pamela Winkler.

Miramontes Life Center

After Alfred graduated, he started his Hypnotherapy journey and the Miramontes Life Center was born. It is his goal to help and assist all individuals looking for physical, mental, and psychological release from problems that are impeding a better life style for themselves. This also includes having his clients understand that they have the innate ability deep within the mind to completely and permanently resolve the root or real cause of a problem.

Are you ready to heal with hypnotherapy?